Braids comparte audio y letra de

Braids comparte audio y letra de "Taste"



Hace algunos días hablamos sobre el nuevo material discográfico de los canadienses, Braids. Se llama Deep In The Iris y cuando lo anunciaron, también compartieron el audio de "Miniskirt".


Ahora llegó el turno de "Taste". Escúchalo y aprovecha que también publicaron la letra para aprenderte la canción:

Take me by the hand
Will you guide me through this phase
Of not really knowing where I am
Or knowing who I am

I could think of it as
I gave all my best in loving you
But I know it’s not true
It’s just my way of getting through

*We experience the love that we think we deserve
And I guess I thought
I didn’t need much from this world
So I left you

But you’re exactly what I like
I will give you my whole life
Mmmm you taste so nice
Oh this feels so right*

Take me by the throat
Will you push me up against this wall
And spit all your hurt on me
So I can feel my reach
I have these dreams
Of you laying it on me


We can’t explain why
We hurt the ones we love most of all
Deep in the iris
You see a place of hope again



No es una revista, es un movimiento.